Ririnina infusion

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Ririnina or Great Cold is an infusion for the coldest times of the year. It is composed of ravintsara, marjoram, and elderberry.

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Boost your immunity with Ririnina infusion

Ririnina infusion was developed to cope with the winter trough. This rough period or our immunity takes a hit, or the viruses weaken the body.

To do this, Axelle, creator of L’herboristerie le paradoxe des simples, has designed and designed a blend suitable for this time of year.

The plants for this infusion are relatively solar according to Axelle because they grow in summer. These plants aim to bring warmth.

Ririnina infusion means rainy season in Malagasy. It will be useful in situations where you feel feverish with difficulty breathing.

This synergy by its composition to an antiviral expectorant surplus value, stimulating the immune system . In short, it will help the body through this period when our body weakens and gets sick.

Dialogue between Axelle and Tristan


-Ririnina, it is truly destined for the depths of winter. When you really start getting sick and you’re not doing very well, there’s obviously ravintsara leaves in there and there’s marjoram and elderberry.

– The goal is really to deal with the higher ENT sphere a lot in the lungs and nervous system as well, and to have a little antibiotic side.

-Elderberry will take care of the lungs and marjoram will also take care of the nervous system. The ravintsara takes care of all that is ENT sphere aerial is an infusion that will be very hot, it will bring back heat in the middle of the big cold. It will be antiviral anti infectious of course antibacterial


“So we’re talking about big breaths actually, the lungs filling up?”


-That’s what brings heat back to the place where the cold is embedded, to use his lungs and the whole respiratory system again.

Anecdote: you can imagine it as a fire in a fireplace surrounded by snow and ice




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