Producer of essential oil and infusion of Ravintsara

BETSARA: We are a producer of Ravintsara in Madagascar in all its forms: organic ravintsara essential oil, hydrolat but also ravintsara leaves for infusions. We sell directly under our brand in France and Europe. Our entire production is certified organic.

At the same time we produce cosmetic products based on the benefits of this sheet: Lip stick, respiratory balm, mouthwash, massage/care oil, sanitizing spray, and a hand gel.


BE TSARA is above all the story of a friendship and a deep attachment Madagascar, its people and its ancestral traditions. Market and promote Malagasy know-how in the responsible culture of ravintsara. This is our primary ideology, as evidenced by the three members of our company.

We want to develop an ethical trade around the plantation of Tahina, our Franco-Malagasy friend. To allow the greatest number to discover the ravintsara. We have highlighted a natural agent in various aromatherapy products. In order to make known the ravintsara and its benefits, we want to preserve a traditional culture that takes into account workers and respect for nature. BE TSARA means “Very good” or “Very good” in the language of the Malagasy. So we are, company producer of ravintsara essential oil. But also infusions and aromatherapy products based on ravintsara.

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On several trips, we made various videos to show you a maximum of the production in full transparency. Here is a one minute video made by Bio Auvergne Rhône alpes. We also invite you to watch Madagascar’s Green Gold. Which is the result of the remarkable work of Sébastien Floc’hlay. His work allows us to bring you into our universe. It was made during our trip in June 2016 with the help of Cédric de Aerodrone Alpes. You can find all our videos on our YouTube channel. You will find all the videos of our productions that we update from time to time.
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With Tahina, our Franco-Malagasy friend, we have created BETSARA, an ethical trade around the Ravintsara, in respect of Malagasy traditions and workers.

Tahina established her plantation on her family’s land in the highlands of the Fianarantsoa region more than 10 years ago. We, Teddy and Tristan, join him in this adventure and take care of promoting and distributing his products here in Europe.

Deeply committed to respecting Malagasy traditions, respecting nature and promoting work in his village, we do everything by hand, both in Madagascar and here in France.

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Why the ravintsara?

The ravintsara is a real Asian camphor, lou «Good leaves» in Malagasy. It is an emblematic plant, cultivated especially in Madagascar. It has natural health benefits.

Ravintsara would have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and on the immune system. It would cure an infection or lung ailments. Ravintsara leaves would also reduce a state of temporary fatigue by boosting our defenses. Aromatherapists recognize its effects.

Beyond its many benefits, it is above all a recognition of Malagasy workers. For them the ravintsara has become a real economic resource. The traditional culture in the village of Tahina promotes the employment of many workers. The goal is to bring the ravintsara plantation into a more equitable dimension. Thus allowing a redistribution of wealth for the inhabitants.

This is what BE TSARA does every day. This sums up all the values of our company: respect for nature, recognition of the benefits of plants for care. And also, eco-responsibility and equity with the Malagasy population. These are the main players in our production of ravintsara essential oil.

What are the products offered by BETSARA?

Massage balm, floral water diffuser

Organic essential oil, massage balm and moisturizer for lips. The infusion and leaves, the perfume, as well as the floral water diffuser. So many natural products based on ravintsara that are offered to you by BE TSARA.In order to improve your daily well-being.

Infusions and essential oils

You will find all the benefits of ravintsara in our infusions for moments of relaxation. And also in our organic essential oil. The plant scents of it will awaken your senses. The ravintsara has various potential to be used in aromatherapy on a daily basis.

BE TSARA offers a wide range around the ravintsara. Essential oil, infusions, balm. De l’huile de massage, en flacon ou en pot. For all uses and all needs!

If you are looking for ravintsara-based products, designed in the best way, naturally and ethically, the BE TSARA online store is for you.

In our massage oil, our essential oil is combined with another vegetable sunflower oil that allows to bring more flexibility and lightness to the ravintsara, very powerful when used pure.

True to our eco-responsible values, we select all components used in the manufacture of our products from organic farming.

producer ravintsara

What are our methods for producing ravintsara essential oil at BETSARA?

Located on the family lands of Tahina, on the highlands of the Fianarantsoa region in the south east of Madagascar, our plantation benefits from the best climatic conditions and an ideal terroir to produce ravintsara leaves and high quality organic essential oil.

Teddy, Tristan and Tahina are committed to maintaining a responsible and plant-friendly cultivation method. An indispensable condition to preserve all the properties of the plant but also a desire to produce an essential oil of ravintsara that make sense in respect of local traditions for and with the Malagasy populations and workers.

To promote the work in the village through a production totally carried out by hand, it is also to show our deep attachment to the traditions of the inhabitants, to the respect of nature and the lands we operate but also to distribute a product 100% natural and organic which will have kept all its properties organoleptic so valuable for the health and well-being of our customers.

To produce our ravintsara essential oil, we use ravintsara leaves freshly picked by the work of Tahina and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.

Thanks to the process of transformation by steam, it takes charge of all the properties and natural components of the plant and, by cooling, allows to obtain this precious distillate with many virtues.

Where can I find organic ravintsara essential oil?

By creating our brand BE TSARA, and in collaboration with Tahina, we wanted to highlight the craftsmanship and respect the Malagasy culture and traditions. Teddy, Tristan and Tahina, three childhood friends who wanted to give strong meaning to their adventure in planting, harvesting, processing and selling organic essential oil and wellness products ravintsara.

Present mainly in aromatherapy shops, organic stores and pharmacies throughout France and Belgium, BE TSARA now gives you the possibility to order our products online.

Whatever your needs, you will find in our online catalogue all the products that we distribute. Organic essential oil in various packaging, balm Massage, perfume diffuser, infusions and leaves ravintsara, it is a whole range of wellness that we offer you to choose from our online shop on

By trusting BE TSARA, you have the certainty to get an essential oil or an infusion 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% respectful of the working methods and ancestral traditions of the Malagasy population.

Why not take care of yourself, to access a better well-being using natural, ecological and responsible products with BE TSARA, the ravintsara specialist!