The life cycle of the ravintsara leaf

We present the life cycle of the ravintsara leaf. Usually we all tend to believe that a seedling is necessarily green, and very bright.

We often think that the leaf becomes more tarnished, and that with time it becomes brown, and reddish.

Well imagine that for the ravintsara it is quite the opposite! The young shoots are initially brown, with some red reflections.

Subsequently, the life cycle of the ravintsara leaf evolves. The ravintsara leaves gradually turn green. We do not only use the greenest leaves to make our products.


The reason is simple, the reddish leaves do not yet contain essential oil, trying to distill them would be a waste. Initially the red leaves are only waterlogged and have a very soft consistency.

Afterwards, they stiffen and gorge themselves with essential oil. They then become harder and crunchier, ready to be distilled.

You can get ravintsara essential oil from these leaves via the link:

Find more information on this link:

We recommend a video that will tell you more about how to recognize leaves ready for distillation.