Rehabilitation partnership through the adapted company and the ESAT Les amis des Tilleuls

What is an ESAT?

“A Esat is a structure that offers people with disabilities a professional activity and medical-social and educational support. This structure welcomes people whose working capacities do not allow them to work in an ordinary company or an adapted company”

We are pleased to present the ESAT «Les amis des Tilleuls».

This ESAT works with nearly 100 employees who are disabled workers. But also workers with difficulties preventing them from carrying out an activity in a standard enterprise. In addition, within this ESAT is a suitable company, it is with them that we collaborate since March 2020.

This association has several subdivisions, some are specialized housing, and others are places of social aid.

Les amis des Tilleuls proposent plusieurs activités, celles-ci sont toutes plus ou moins relatives à de la manutention, de l’emballage, du conditionnement, de l’assemblage, etc.

How do we work with ESAT?

We use this association to carry out our packaging. They also handle the bottling of our organic ravintsara essential oil , and the bagging of our ravintsara leaves.

We are happy with this collaboration we are always very well received by the team members and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

We have been working together for almost two years now, and we want it to last.

In addition, the ESAT accompanies us in our «recovery» process.

We use cartons that have already been used for our packaging. We collect these boxes from companies that are separating from them, even though we believe they are in good condition.

The friends of the Lindens, also perform recovery on their side.

He gets everything they can from the companies they work with.

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