Madagascar is one of those areas of the world heavily exposed to cyclones, storms and other weather related to its tropical zone.

At the end of January, it was the ANNA storm that hit the island causing a lot of damage especially towards the coasts.

A few days ago, cyclone Batsirai hit the country, also causing losses. However, we were able to see that the population was able to prepare for the cyclone much better than usual, it was probably the strength of the weather that led to vigilance.

This Batsirai cyclone reaches a maximum speed of 230 km/hour, with very heavy rains accompanying it.

On January 5, we told you about the state of the rainy season, which was very bad and had caused a drought. Pile hair a month later the cyclone occurs.

The latter is accompanied by heavy rains. (See article about the seasons in Madagascar) (Add link).

Cyclones occur around January and February, during the period that is supposed to coincide with the end of the rainy season.

It is because of the late arrival of the rainy season that cyclones and storms cross the arrival of the summer season.

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