Tahina and Tristan

Tahina SPIRAL, a French Malagasy born in Grenoble, went back to Madagascar, the country of his ancestors, in November 2009 to set up his Ravintsara plantation on his family’s land.
The plantation is located in Sahambavy in the region of Fianarantsoa on the island of Madagascar. The same year, he founded his own company: GARCILASIO SARL.

Ravintsara was harvested for the first time in April 2011. The oil produced is of very high quality and was tested in France by aromatologists.

When selling his products for the first time, he found out about the conditions Malagasy producers had to deal with in regards to major export groups. Confronted with the lack of respect for Malagasy producers, he founded the PNPF Ravintsara (National Platform for the Promotion of the Ravintsara Sector) along with other producers to reassert the value of their work and create a language solely dedicated to the production of Ravintsara. He became director of the PNPF from 2011 to 2012. During this period, the PNPF helped producers modernize their working methods (plantation and transformation). At the same time, Tahina was thinking about selling his products directly in France.

Thus, he wanted to promote Malagasy know-how and the quality of his products. To carry out his project, he got in touch with his old friend in Grenoble, Tristan IMBERT. After several years of thinking, discussion, preparation and training, Tristan quit his job in September 2014 and started working on this project.

The therapists he met through his network were so enthusiastic about the quality of the oil that they decided to support his project.

That is how Tristan, in collaboration with his friend Tahina, set up Akal NIVAS, SARL, a French company, and founded the brand BE TSARA in April 2015 in France.








Tahina SPIRAL,
French Malagasy born in Grenoble and ski enthusiast.
Ravintsara essential oil producer.








Tristan IMBERT,
From Grenoble, ski and yoga enthusiast.
The brand creator.

Tahina and Tristan have known each other since kindergarden.