BETSARA partner of U-19 academy la pomme Marseille Provence

U-19 academy apple Marseille Provence is what?

U-19 académie la pomme Marseille Provence is created to allow young cyclists (under 19 years) to reach the highest levels.

The organization also runs a sports-study program that allows young people to combine physical activity and study.

This academy, which is also open internationally, promotes personal support.

It adapts to each cyclist in order to lead him to a professional level.

It adapts to each cyclist in order to lead him to a professional level.

According to the team manager: “The reason is simple, to initiate a new form of consumption more natural and healthy. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”!

It is in this philosophy that the academy apple Marseille Provence is inscribed. It is important for them that athletes have a healthy and natural lifestyle habit as soon as possible.

And Tristan bounces:”and that’s how we jumped both feet in this beautiful project. My personal leitmotif since the beginning is to make discover the ravintsara to the greatest number to fight against the overconsumption of antibiotics.

It was the discovery of the natural efficacy of this plant that made me leave my work to create BETSARA with Tahina and Teddy. It was therefore obvious to me that I was a partner of a team that encouraged its young people to use natural products.

Moreover we have noticed that more and more athletes use the ravintsara. We therefore have the desire and the intention to make known this Malagasy plant and its multiple uses by the greatest number.

It also allows us to get feedback from athletes in full practice. This allows us to deepen our knowledge of the benefits of ravintsara on physiology.

Improvement of the recovery? Better breathing so maybe better performance and/or better physical condition in general? And many other questions about the ease of use of products and others.

How does the partnership work?

We supply products for the entire team. They make ravintsara infusions every morning during the courses. Young people do it at home as well. They all receive advice on how to use the products.

In exchange, the team and runners share their consumption of Betsara products on their social networks. They also give us a questionnaire feedback after a few months of use (mainly in winter). We operate in the same way with SAT agency athletes.

We are pleased to be one of the sponsors of U-19 Academy Apple Marseille Provence. Educating these young athletes about natural products is important to us, hence our health partnership.

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