Latsaka Small Tissues

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Here is our new blend “LATSAKA infusion” which means Small handkerchiefs in Malagasy. We composed this mixture of ravintsara leaves, of course, hyssop and mauve.

The herbalist Axelle LEGRAND, the creator of this LATSAKA infusion explains his intention: “We created it with the goal of keeping a proper breath during the changing seasons, especially in the fall when you start making your immunity for the winter and keep it soft for the throat and taste.”

The will is to act on the throat, nose, morale and lungs. Recall that this product is much lighter than the organic ravintsara essential oil, this infusion is consumed as a preventive to anticipate the first cold blows.

“When you arrive in autumn, there is a retreat on silk that is necessarily made with the days that are decreasing that shrink and that you must accompany thanks to plants. These are plants (purple and Hysopes) that bloom rather in summer, which are rather solar in origin and when we let ourselves be accompanied by them during autumn, we keep a little of this heat.”

We thank Axelle, herbalist, and creator of the association the paradox of the simple , for the elaboration of new infusion recipes, always around the ravintsara.




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