Ravintsara herbal tea

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Ravintsara infusion (herbal tea) in individual teabags certified organic by ecocert.

Box of 20 teabags to brew directly into your cup.

It contains the virtues of Ravintsara essential oil in a much milder form

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Ravintsara infusion (herbal tea) in individual teabags certified organic by ecocert.

Box of 20 teabags to brew directly into your cup.

Brewing time: 6 to 8 minutes (cover well if possible)

Brewing temperature: 70-80° (if more cover it well)

Favourite: add a spoonful of thyme honey

You probably already know that Ravintsara essential oil is obtained by distilling Ravintsara leaves in a still.


But did you know that traditionally in Madagascar, people chew or chew the fresh leaves or make infusions (herbal teas)?

It contains the virtues of Ravintsara in a much milder form than the essential oil (which is the extract of the plant’s active molecules and therefore a very high concentration), which makes it easier for people who are a little more sensitive to oils to access it.

For example, Children under 6 years of age and pregnant women are not recommended to use essential oils.

As the infusion is lighter, it is very well tolerated and can be used throughout the winter as a “background treatment”, to strengthen one’s defences in a gentler way and spend the winter in peace.

Ravintsara infusion (herbal tea) is recommended at the beginning of winter or before a cold period, but also as a cure throughout the winter in addition to the essential oil.

“But where did you get this idea? ”

It came to us from Madagascar. Traditionally, the Malagasy use the Ravintsara leaf directly. They chew it freshly picked from the tree or brew it in water for drinking but also for showering with. By the way, Tahina, the producer, is always happy to prepare buckets of Ravintsara-infused water for you to shower with when you are ill. I myself (Tristan), having done it several times, was amazed by the effect.

One day you may have the opportunity to come and experience this tradition, but in the meantime you can always try it in your bath! You still need to infuse in very hot water (80°) before putting in the bath.

Today we are delighted to be able to allow you to discover these leaves directly in infusion or as you wish.

Protective: The infusion (or tysane) is ideal in winter and at the change of seasons.

Oxygenating: for vivacity and clarity. Good breathing helps clarity and alertness

Relaxing: It is very good in the evening before bedtime.

Sweet and fragrant: It is also great to enjoy at any time of the day

The whole process is done by hand: harvesting, sorting (removing leaves from branches) and maintenance of the plantations

Our freshness envelope, despite its plastic appearance, is made of cellulose and is therefore compostable. Our tea bag and string are made of filter paper to be disposed of in the organic waste bin. The label is made of PEFC paper and is recyclable.

ingredients: ravintsara leaves*.

* products from organic farming




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