Mievona infusion

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Mievona infusion is a mixture of plants intended for ailments that occur in spring and in transient periods. It is composed of ravintsara, nettle and plantain leaves

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Mievona Infusion is a mixture of ravintsara-based plants (Ravintsara, Nettle and Plantain). It was realized in collaboration with Axelle, herbalist in his own association the paradox of simple

Mievona is an infusion for the inconvenience of the spring season. It will be useful to regain daily comfort in situations, or periods when you are confronted with elements that trigger an allergy crisis.

In the spring buds can cause irritation especially in the throat. Eyes may blush and an unpleasant cough may develop.

The use of this infusion is not only intended for spring. It is perfect for the entry of the autumn season, where the natural environment is similar to that of spring.

Because of the seasonal transitions we are experiencing we prefer to give you a wider range. According to your needs you can possibly consume this infusion from late March to early November but also throughout the year if you like it.

In short, it helps the body to go through transitional periods in terms of seasonality.

Dialogue between Axelle and Tristan


– Inside there’s always ravintsara, no doubt about it, I’ve added plantain and nettle

-So the goal is really to be anti-inflammatory, to avoid all allergies, so it’s going to be antihistamine, antiallergic as well. And to continue to breathe well, then in spring but also in autumn because the seasons for a few years are a little telescope.

-From April to mid-November Mievona will be useful as it is mucolytic and expectorant. It is thanks to the ravintsara but also with the help of nettle and plantain that will decongest even more. This avoids the body’s disproportionate reactions to the surrounding pollen and pollution.

Relatively sweet herbal tea in terms of taste we will smell more the taste of ravintsara.

Anecdote: imagine yourself in the little house in the meadow but good point without sneezing

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