Synergy RavinSauRom 10ml

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synergy of essential oils

RavinSauRom: Ravintsara 60%, White Sage 10%, Rosemary 30%
Inspired, elevated and energized at the June 2020 solstice to restore our organizations.

To be taken in combination with Klamelle mixture (Klamath 20% Chlorella 80%)

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Since the beginning of our adventure, we have been working on a subtle plan for all of our products. In this category you find all the inspired, subtle and high products of our range. These products are exclusively for sale on the website and live.

The synergy of essential oils (RavinSauRom: Ravintsara 60%, White Sage 10%, Rosemary 30%) was an order made by a group of people who work at each solstice and equinox on sites with high “vibratory” rates and with alchemical bowls (types of crystal bowls).

The goal of this high-spirited combination is to restore organizations and help us through these troubled times. The complementarity/resonance of these products and their “activation” at the June 2020 solstice through alchemical bowls should create a synergy with effects greater than those known for each of the products.

This synergy should be taken in very small quantities (1 drop morning and/or evening) on the wrist. Think about taking breaks.

The products used were selected for their quality of production and origin. For the oils: the Ravintsara is native to Malagasy plateaux, the Sage Blanche, the sage used by the Amerindians for their shamanic tradition comes from a very particular and high plantation of the Drôme provençale, the Rosemary verbenone, is native to Corsica.


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