100% natural mouth bath certified nature and progress 500 ml

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New formula: what are the changes?

A new, softer formula: we have chosen to use the multiple properties of ravintsara to offer you a 100% natural mouthwash. Clove, licorice and hydrolat accompany our essential oil and ravintsara hydrolat. It is also composed of xanthan gum to make the mixture more homogeneous. The objective is to avoid dephasing (essential oils remaining on the surface otherwise).

Sa fonction reste la même, elle agit sur l’hygiène buccale, tout en abaissant le niveau de bactéries dans votre bouche. It helps to keep a healthier mouth, a more pleasant feeling during the day and also a fresher breath. Remember that it does not contain alcohol.

This 100% natural alloy gives your mouth an impeccable hygiene. Each component plays an appropriate and beneficial role in your oral hygiene. This mouthwash contains no paraben, no additives, it also contains no fluorine.

How can I use it?

We recommend that you brush your teeth beforehand, and then rinse with our mouthwash. Shake well before use. To be used 1 to 2 times a day, a pure stopper in oral rinse for 30 seconds, then spit out (do not swallow). For optimal action, avoid rinsing.

This link will tell you more about ravintsara essential oil which is one of the main ingredients of our product.

We also direct you to a link that will inform you of the properties of the hydrolat.

Discover the properties of tea tree by clicking on the link below.





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