Ravintsara cleansing spray 100 ml

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BE TSARA sanitizer spray based on ravintsara and tea tree is a concentrate of 100% pure and natural essential oils.

This product purifies various surfaces, places of life while deodorizing the ambient air.

This spray disinfects the space leaving a pleasant and fresh smell. The atmosphere once cleared you can fully enjoy your interior.

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Betsara Ravintsara Sanitizer Spray is concentrated in ravintsara essential oils and tea tree essential oils (Tea Tree). In addition, organic wheat alcohol allows us to obtain a 100% pure and natural alloy.

We designed this product so that it sanitizes the various surfaces, living places while deodorizing the ambient air. It can be used for your home, your vehicle or your workplace.

In addition, this Ravintsara sanitizer spray based on ravintsara essential oils and tea tree essential oils with disinfectant properties. Its use is optimal in winter because it cleans the place while leaving a very pleasant smell.

Spraying is sufficient to target a specific surface or object. Two sprays are suitable for cleaning the air on 10m2. Repeat as needed.

This spray is produced by IBBEO COSMETIQUES. This company located in Montauban is concerned about the quality of its products, and the impact of its production on the environment, it is also certified by “Nature and Progress”.

The links below inform you about the use and benefits of tea tree, and ravintsara.



On the link below you will find the BE TSARA essential oil, which is the source of most of our products. This essential oil is a major component of the spray sanitizer we offer.

In order to learn more about the working methods, and manufacturing of our products we invite you to consult the page available on the links below. You will find there the history of BE TSARA, and the values that animate it.

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