Gel Hands at the Ravintsara

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We have developed a 100% natural and alcohol-free hand gel. It is composed of xanthan gum, it is a component that gives a gel texture to the product, it softens and moisturizes the hands.

The product disinfects leaving a sweet smell totally fresh and natural. This gel is mainly composed of hydrolat, and ravintsara essential oil, these are the components that give the gel its odorous properties.

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We will present you the story of our “Gel Hands at the Ravintsara”

The benefits of ravintsara are increasingly recognized, its use and its form can be multiple: in infusion, essential oil, balm… The virtues of ravintsara are in line with the basic use of hand gel (cleanse, and purify). Our hand cleansing gel with ravintsara, enhances the properties of ravintsara by revealing its usefulness as a purifier.

Where did you get the idea of “Gel Hands at the Ravintsara”?

We discovered a new use of ravintsara essential oil, that of hand cleaner. Parisian metro users now use it as a hand sanitizer, especially in the metro.

This new method has challenged us, and has greatly aroused our interest. This anecdote inspired us in the realization of our “Gel hands cleaning with ravintsara”

BE TSARA is as curious as it is concerned about your well-being, we are interested in this new version of the ravintsara leaf. In order to offer you a product that respects both your health and the environment.

It took us a long time to get this product in place. Indeed, the production of this hand gel requires a large amount of hydrolat.

We were finally able to create it: A 100% natural hand cleansing gel with ravintsara. Indeed, this product contains xanthan gum to give the gel a soft and moisturizing texture for your skin. Hydrolat and ravintsara essential oil are the two main elements of this product.

This hand gel allows you to clean and disinfect, without feeling the aggressive and drying appearance usually present in multiple gels. It leaves a delicate and sweet smell completely natural.

This gel does not contain alcohol, so you can use it according to your needs without worries.

In addition, we direct you to a link that will explain in detail the appropriate use for this product:


Find the essential oil of Ravintsara on our web-shop. This oil is a major component of the product offered to you today

Hydrolat is also a main component of the hand cleansing gel, find this product on the link opposite.



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