BETSARA perfume

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Eau de Parfum 30 ml in Ravintsara BE TSARA: The Protector

The fragrance is 100% natural, vegan and organic (not certified organic because small series).


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From the beginning we have been working on a subtle plan for all our products. In this category you find all the inspired, subtle and high products of our range. These products are exclusively for sale on the website and live.

They were developed through geobiology tools but also through information received from various mysterious and magical forms. They were raised in places called “sacred” and vibrated with the help of vibratory tools such as crystal bowls.

The BETSARA perfume is based on Ravintsara, made by a friend, Sandrine, who has developed her own artisan brand of perfume and cosmetics. She does everything from design to production of finished products in her small alchemy laboratory. It has done so for protection, the protective side of the Ravintsara on the physical plane but also on more subtle planes (sagebrush, sage, lemon) with sacred plants such as incense. It is a fragrance that rebalances both the feminine and the masculine, it is good for both men and women (soft and sparkling, pleasant and powerful). Perfume comes to work on your most subtle sense, smell, the one that works you deeply without you realizing it. Its main notes are the Bois de Gaiac, The Cedar, The Cade, The Fir, The Ravintsara, The Sage Sclaré, The Lavender Fine, The Armoise Blanche, The Ylang Ylang, The Lemon, The Mandarin, The Monarch, The Linaloe Bay, The Small Grain Bigaradier, The Pepper, The Incense of Somalia, Cinnamon and Tonka. The story: In June 2017, Sandrine discovered our Ravintsara during an internship in the Drôme in which I (Tristan) participated. Surprised by our Ravintsara, she immediately tells me: “This is the first time I feel a Ravintsara that makes me want to work with.” I immediately react by saying: “I dream of having a perfume in Ravintsara.” This is the birth of this beautiful artisanal perfume, made by a professional perfumer. The fragrance is made with only 100% organic natural products.

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