Soon, our containers transported in ship container ships with Windcoop?

WindCoop the shipping company militant.

WindCoop is an innovative project, which consists in the manufacture of a more responsible and less polluting means of transport and loading.

This cooperative is “innovating” around a “sailing container ship”. The energy required for this type of building is the inexhaustible source of energy. The wind. It will therefore combine fuel oil and wind for an energy saving of 60% on the Madagascar France line.

Construction will begin in 2023 and launch in 2025. The ambition is to make it available to applicants wishing to transition especially in the field of transport.

Why is Betsara interested in this project?

The first line of this project will be Madagascar Marseille. It will take place from 2025 if the construction arrives in time. So it’s perfect for our company.

Moreover, it is a smart move to combine wind and fossil fuels. Most large container ships spend almost 100 tonnes of fuel per day. So imagine 60% savings?

And finally, it is a direct line that should take between 28 days and 6 weeks, out today on the sea from Madagascar, the container often goes through hubs and often takes more than 2 months.

It is a revolution in the maritime sector and we are proud to join this cooperative launched by Arcadie SA(cook spices). Other companies joined such as the SCOP ETHIQUABLE and the cafes LOBODISThis are the engineers of Zéphyr and Borée who build and the boat and all the partnerships. The project amounts to 22 million euros and we are already 5 million harvested, and the more the banks will follow. You can invest in the boat and help us on

In any case, a big step forward towards a transparent, clean and energy-smart maritime solution (combination of wind and engines).

Some figures around this holder-storytelling:

“100 20-foot containers transported”

«90% energy savings on a transatlantic route» and only 60% on the line madagascar France because we cross the tropics where the winds are not favorable.

“1400 tonnes of goods transported per trip”.