New infusion: LATSAKA or Small Tissues

We complete our range already composed of several products such as our organic ravintsara essential oil, or our respiratory balm. Four years ago we released our first infusion based on simple ravintsara. The success of this first infusion led us to innovate around new recipes, LATSAKA is one of them.

LATSAKA, or small tissues is an infusion based on ravintsara, Mauve and Hysope. It accompanies the body to the gates of winter, taking into account the reduction of immune defenses. Presentation below of the benefits of the infusion in video by our herbalist.

In the autumn period, Axelle LEGRAND, the herbalist who created this mixture, evokes a withdrawal on oneself. It intervenes when days are reduced. The choice of ingredients composing this infusion is not insignificant. Hyssop and mauve are plants that grow during the summer period, they are more “solar” according to Axel. As for the ravintsara, you will find all these properties here.

“I am Axelle, Herbalist in herbalism the paradox of the simple I created. And Betsara asked me to work with them on herbal tea formulations. So it was with great pleasure”.

“So with Axel, we created 4 herbal tea recipes, one of which will come out first.

So first herbal tea we called it little Latsaka tissues you can explain what’s in it?”

“There are indeed ravintsara leaves at the base of each herbal tea.

I also put hyssop so that it is officinal and purple, “Malva sylvestri”.

The goal is really to be able to keep a proper breath during the fall months when you start doing your immunity for the winter and catch a cold and a runny nose.”

“So this is the goal of the product is to be an antiviral, anti-infective in order to fight all these little bugs that come on us in the fall when it’s more dark and we’re less fit.”

Tristan’s word: “So if I understand correctly, is it aimed at the throat, the respiratory voices?”

Axel: “That’s the throat, the nose, and then a little morale and lungs too.

Indeed, when I created it, I thought about the fact that when we arrive in the autumn, there is a withdrawal that takes place, necessarily with the days that shrink and that we still have to accompany thanks to the plants that we put in.”

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