We are proud to announce that Betsara has joined the «En vérité» collective!

But what is «En vérité»?

In fact is an association of brands demanding total transparency regarding food, you will find more information about their values here.

This approach is primarily part of an ethical dynamic promoting mutual trust between consumers and businesses. Any type of production, food or not, has economic and ecological repercussions. Our duty is therefore to take the measure and above all to inform the consumer.

Transparency at Betsara

Just like the «En vérité» collective Betsara has been campaigning for transparency since its birth. From the outset, we wanted to provide maximum information to consumers about our production methods. We wanted to share our way of working and our ideology, so that any potential customer would be able to know how, and under what conditions we grow our ravintsara. Tahina was particularly disgusted by the export practices in Madagascar that we launched ourselves as a brand. We invite you to visit the essential oil page of organic ravintsara to learn more about our motivations and our ideology!

We are proud to advocate alongside “In truth” especially when we see the lack of transparency on the market, products not informed, a production mode sometimes incorrect…

This collective represents values that are common to us. We hope that we are at best able to transcribe them.